Founded in 1990, we are recognised as a major supplier of specialised under floor heating products to improve and facilitate our customer's daily routines and lifestyle.

As a leading supplier of electric underfloor heating and accessories to many market sectors world wide, the company has an enviable and unblemished track record for quality underfloor products, together with first class service.


Cosyfloor™ Cable Mats

Stepping out of a warm bath or shower on to an ice cold tiled floor is an uncomfortable experience.

With Cosyfloor™ Underfloor Heating Cable Mats fitted beneath the tiles, and set to operate at the desired temperature, this unpleasant feeling can be simply overcome.

The pleasure of feeling a warm floor underfoot is a most luxurious experience.

Heating by Cosyfloor™ Cable Mats frees wall space and eliminates the necessity of unsightly radiators.



ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Elements

ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Elements are designed specifically for fitting underfloor heating beneath laminate or wood floor surfaces.

The system gives a comfortable and luxurious even heat across the whole room whatever level of heat is called for. No unsightly radiators are necessary so that the wall space can be conveniently used.

ECOMAT™ is not earthed and can not, therefore, be used in the bathroom or other wet areas. In these cases, either Cosyfloor™ or ECOFLOOR™ should be chosen.



ECOFLOOR™ Cable Kits

ECOFLOOR™ Cable Kits fitted beneath most floor finishes will give secondary/background heating or, if required, full room heating.

Connected to either an on/off thermostat or to a programmable type, the heating can be carefully controlled to suit the desired level of comfort.

ECOFLOOR™ can be used in similar situations to that of Cosyfloor™ Cable Mats but is particularly suitable for irregular shaped rooms to achieve optimum coverage.




Underfloor Heating Accessories

Various accessories to enhance and facilitate the use of the range of underfloor heating systems are available.